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im a dirtty whore...

so i just got back from canada and im drunk off my ass stroking my cock senseless and once again rob steals this guy i like oh well i made out and fucked this girl named amanda oh well. this whole summer has been fucked up...i dont hang out with my friends anymore and they are in ther own world. maybe i dont belong to these people anymore and maybe im just a shadow oh well. im just waiting for aids to kills me and i can be gone right people who hate me so much (scraft). god im so fucked up right now i can barely talk. i dont really talk to anyone anymore...its just rob and ummm stephen....maybe everyone hates me...oh well i will die soon look at this aim message im A WHORE:

meagainstthemusic03: hey baby
one_nautical_mile : Hi
meagainstthemusic03: sup?
one_nautical_mile : nadda....about to crash.....u?
meagainstthemusic03: DRUNK LMAO
meagainstthemusic03: i want to see cock so much right now lol
one_nautical_mile : that was me last night
one_nautical_mile : right on
meagainstthemusic03: i just want to be taken adcantiage oft right now
meagainstthemusic03: cock up my ass
one_nautical_mile : lol
meagainstthemusic03: fucking me until he shoots all over my ass
meagainstthemusic03: im fucking gone lmao
one_nautical_mile : right on
one_nautical_mile : lol
meagainstthemusic03: lol
meagainstthemusic03: im not like this
meagainstthemusic03: u got a cam
one_nautical_mile : no man....sorry
meagainstthemusic03: its okay
meagainstthemusic03: so when r u gonna fuck me
one_nautical_mile : ?????
meagainstthemusic03: lol sorry im blunt
meagainstthemusic03: lol
one_nautical_mile : it's cool
meagainstthemusic03: im just fucking horny lmao
meagainstthemusic03: outrageous, my sex drive
one_nautical_mile : lol
meagainstthemusic03: do u want me?
one_nautical_mile : yeah....we are so far though
meagainstthemusic03: come down here and u can have this ass as ur prize of wayne county
one_nautical_mile : lol
meagainstthemusic03: the tightest ass u will ever experience
meagainstthemusic03: cause everyone else is loose like pamela anderson
one_nautical_mile : you are wasted
one_nautical_mile : lmao
meagainstthemusic03: yea
meagainstthemusic03: lol
meagainstthemusic03: u kno u love the attention
one_nautical_mile : it's all good. I do have to go to bed though man
meagainstthemusic03: yeah same here
meagainstthemusic03: i have work at 10
meagainstthemusic03: hopefully ims ober
one_nautical_mile : yeh
meagainstthemusic03: or else im in trouble
meagainstthemusic03: any xxx pics
one_nautical_mile : no man.....sorry
meagainstthemusic03: its cool
meagainstthemusic03: it shows u have class
meagainstthemusic03: i like that
meagainstthemusic03: lol
one_nautical_mile : well I am off to bed man. Go beat off or something
one_nautical_mile : lol
meagainstthemusic03: im doing it right now
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