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If I Get One More Thing On My Plate!

okay this week has been fucking hell i didnt know how much u have to pack for a dorm room. also i have lost weight so im down to 190 from being 240 4 months ago. so i dont have that many clothes so i have to go shopping. on top of that my car has been dead for a week and a half so now its fix cause ive been working on it...weird right. and then i got some bad news that some of my family members are missing because of the Hurricane Katrina...the family manor in New Orleans and Mississipi has been destroyed. So i dont know what the hell is going on down there so i may have to leave town for a few days. And once again someone is stealing someone elses potential love interest not happy about that. still not talking to certain people. certain exes are trying to get close...i just dont want to see them cause i dont want to feel vulnerable. so basically its stress. but hey i get my dell
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