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Bitch Please Can You Handle This Truth

Okay i am going to be very blunt here. HEATHER WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM....insert paragraph:

"I want to get tested for STDs cuz I should have done it a long time ago....before Frank and I started being intimate cuz that's just not fair to him especially when......: I was in a relationship with a boy who turned out to be gay and was having butt sex.... with other boys..."

lets air some laundry will quick. who went up to MSU and hooked up with a guy who ate ur pussy out and whatever else. U DID. i was 100% faithful with your bitch ass. dont air anything about me in your journal. stop acting like a bitch ass hoe and stop talking shit cause you're not cute at all. I am not gay and i am bi get your facts right. i have been with 4 other girls since you so get over it. keep my name out of your mouth and stop talking shit like ur some kind of hurt little lost girl. im tired of your shit.

before u start maybe we should look at ur record and see how big of a hoe u are. also i got test twice when i was with u and u know that. maybe u have a guiulty consieous on what you did so....can u handle this truth?? if not go get a tissue please. dont get drunk in parks too and expect someone to get u at 1 in the morning.

you have serious issues and u need to shut the fuck up

okay im done. THANKS CEDRIC
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