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She Has Fallen From Grace...

Whoa..i cant believe 2005 is half way over with. things have been really different this summer. alot more exposure to the truth of things at work lol. I am starting to pack up some things in my room so i can get ready for the move. and then i might be painting my room with my mom and im selling my furniture probably as well. god i cant believe im turning 20 in four days.

I am taking a break from work and getting my school stuff taken care of because that is what needs to be taken care of. Socially, i am...well just say i really dont know what to say lmao. u have to be careful what u say in here before the whole world might take offense. but maybe people in your life were supposed to be there for a minimal time. and just maybe learn how to breathe without the constant pressure. I have to take things with stride thats all. i have met some cool people this summer..and im doing a lot travelling.

to the response to rumors im just repeating things that i heard. i did not start any rumors and the people who started them have been talked to about it already.

Anyways...trying to keep this positive.


August 11th- August 13th

August 11th is going be a small gathering at the bar nothing to big.

the 12th is the big show

We are having dinner at 6 at Applebee's maybe 7

then we heading over to necto then a after party.

the 13th hanging with close friends...

Oh yeah my phone will be back on Thursday or
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