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Another Year Has Gone By Another Lesson Learned.

"People can take everything away from you, but they can never take away your truth..."

I think in 2005, the truth was let out of the bag and friendships were tested and people learned that they werent as close as they thought. I know that I am a different person than i was a year ago. I am less uptight about certain things but i have become guarded. people like to spread lies about you and assume certain things about you. this may sound childish but if i had the power to kill people i would so do it. I am so happy that i am not friends with people who think they are "EMO" or think that they are the shit. So i guess im not a freak.

But I am grateful to have friends like Cedric, Milton, Katie, Jeremy, Rob and etc.

My Song for this year is gonna be "My Prerogative".

it fits well with my transition and my recent decision to perform again and also what my plans are after graduation. I am not going to be in michigan for too much longer. so i am very happy about that.
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